ZERO – Ultimate Stone Polish

  • Dual action polish / cleaner
  • Easy to use ‐ No buffing!
  • Spray action emulsifies to lift dirt
  • Provides resistance to fingerprints
  • Provides brilliant luster and shine
  • Works great on stainless steel
  • Non greasy. Dry to the touch.
  • VOC Compliant
1. Read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) completely before use.
2. Shake well before using.
3. Spray ZERO-Ultimate Stone Polish evenly onto surface to be polished.
4. Using a clean, dry cloth or paper towel, polish the surface to the desired shine.
5. Avoid getting over spray on hard surface floors as it will create a slippery surface.
6. Between applications, use ZERO-Ultimate Surface Cleaner for daily cleaning.
7. We recommend using ZERO-Ultimate Stone Protector or Stone Impregnator annually for maximum stain protection.
 ZERO Ultimate Stone Polish
22oz Spray Bottle
Safety Data Sheet

July 1, 2018  –  ZERO-Ultimate Foam’n Polish (16oz. aerosol can) was discontinued but replaced by a new & improved version named ZERO-Ultimate Stone Polish (22oz. spray bottle).  As the 16oz. aerosol can contains a propellant, the SDS is different than the spray bottle.  As a result, we have provided both SDS for whichever product you may have.

Superior ZERO-Ultimate Foam’n Polish (PDF)  16oz. Aerosol Can

Superior ZERO-Ultimate Stone Polish (PDF)  22oz. Spray Bottle

Thank you for your interest in our stone care products. As of January 2016, we discontinued selling “direct” to consumers from our website. However, we have partnered with two of our distributors to make sure you still have online access to our great stone care products. If you follow either of the links below, it will take you directly to our products on their websites.

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