ZERO – Ultimate Stone Polish

ZERO-Ultimate Stone Polish has been discontinued.

We are still pleased to offer our incredible stone sealer ZERO-Ultimate Stone Protector and our fabulous stone cleaner with “built-in” sealer ZERO-Ultimate Surface Cleaner

1. Read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) completely before use.
2. Shake well before using.
3. Spray ZERO-Ultimate Stone Polish evenly onto surface to be polished.
4. Using a clean, dry cloth or paper towel, polish the surface to the desired shine.
5. Avoid getting over spray on hard surface floors as it will create a slippery surface.
6. Between applications, use ZERO-Ultimate Surface Cleaner for daily cleaning.
7. We recommend using ZERO-Ultimate Stone Protector or Stone Impregnator annually for maximum stain protection.
   ZERO Ultimate Stone Polish
22oz Spray Bottle n/a
Safety Data Sheet

July 1, 2018  –  ZERO-Ultimate Foam’n Polish (16oz. aerosol can) was discontinued but replaced by a new & improved version named ZERO-Ultimate Stone Polish (22oz. spray bottle).  As the 16oz. aerosol can contains a propellant, the SDS is different than the spray bottle.  As a result, we have provided both SDS for whichever product you may have.

Superior ZERO-Ultimate Foam’n Polish (PDF)  16oz. Aerosol Can

Superior ZERO-Ultimate Stone Polish (PDF)  22oz. Spray Bottle

Sorry, this item has been discontinued.