Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of adhesives does Superior Stone Products manufacture?

A:  Polyesters, Acrylics, GOLD, Epoxies, Poly-Epoxies and Color Pastes are all manufactured at our location in Byron Center, Michigan. Made in the USA.

Q: Many companies make adhesives, what makes yours special?

A: Superior Adhesives are the industry benchmark. Our products have the fastest cure times, longest shelf life and are more clear than any other adhesives. The reaction time for our Polyesters is 4-6 minutes (also called gel time) and a 10-20 minute cure time. This allows fabricators the opportunity to complete more jobs which results in more profit. There will be no time wasted having to leave the job site while waiting for the adhesive to cure. The shelf life of our adhesives is longer than any competitor. Also, no other company makes glue as pure as ours. This makes it ideal for invisible seams and allows for perfect color matching when adding our color paste.

Q: Why do you offer 3 different polyester formulas? Isn’t all glue the same?

A: Let’s start by addressing your second question first. NO, not all glue is the same. Our lower quality competitors want you to think so but it just isn’t true. We carefully select all of our raw materials and resins. Where our competitors purchase off-the-shelf items, we control the entire manufacturing process and add each component separately. This guarantees that you are receiving a one-of-a-kind adhesive that cannot be duplicated. The reason we offer 3 different formulas is to satisfy the needs of our customers. For those who demand the best, we provide Superior Transparent. For those who demand the Superior name but need to reduce their costs, we provide Superior SILVER. For budget conscious customers with less demanding applications, we provide Superior BRONZE.

Q: Which is the best adhesive to use for laminating granite?

A: About 80% of all granite laminations are done with Polyester. However, as more fabricators are using automatic edge machines and CNC machines, there are times when a polyester adhesive is just not strong enough. The pressure of these machines is so great that lamination failures can occur. If this is a concern, we suggest using Poly-Epoxy, Acrylic, Gold or Epoxy.

Q: Can polyester adhesives be used outdoors?

A: Superior Polyesters should only be used indoors. For UV stability in outdoor applications, we suggest using Superior Acrylics, GOLD or Epoxies.

Q: What should I use for filling porous stones such as Travertine or Limestone?

A: Our Polyester Filled products are excellent for filling porous stones. Calcium carbonate has been added so the adhesive polishes like the stone. We offer Buff, White, Black, Travertine and Limestone and our color paste is available to help match other colors.

Q: What is your Water Clear Polyester used for?

A: Seaming and laminating. A common use of this product is for Carrara Marble. By adding a few drops of white color paste, it mimics the translucent look of White Carrara stone.

Q: At a trade show, I heard some people discussing “thin film” when referring to adhesives but I didn’t understand what they were talking about. What is “thin film”?

A: The layer of adhesive between two pieces of stone is the “thin film”. All of our products cure to a very hard “thin film” which allows the cured adhesive to polish with the stone. Most of our competitor’s products are very flexible in “thin film” cure which means they never fully cure. This will cause your grinding and polishing tools to gum up and results in a poor polish that leaves a dull, visible line.

Q: What makes Superior Acrylic Adhesives better for laminating and seaming?

A: Superior Acrylics “chemically” bond with natural stone. This means a chemical reaction occurs between the adhesive resin and the stone creating a permanent bond. This is also true with Superior GOLD.

Q: Can Superior Acrylic Adhesives be used outdoors?

A: Yes, Superior Acrylics have built-in UV stability and are fast curing even in colder temps. Superior GOLD is also ideal for these applications.

Q: Should we use Superior Acrylic Adhesives when we are going to put the stone through a CNC or an edge polishing machine?

A: Yes, Superior Acrylics have superior bonding strength and can withstand the pressure of CNC and edge polishing machines. When two pieces of stone are joined together using Superior Acrylics, the stone would likely break before the adhesive bond would fail. Superior GOLD is ideal for this.

Q: Does Superior make a product that solidifies stones that might be softer or have fine cracks and fissures?

A: Yes, Superior Acrylic Penetrating is water-thin in consistency which enables it to penetrate deep into the stone before curing. When cured, it consolidates and strengthens stone with fine cracks and fissures. Superior Acrylic Penetrating can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.

Q: What makes Superior Epoxies different than Acrylics and Polyesters?

A: Like Superior Acrylics and Superior GOLD, Superior Epoxies “chemically” bond with stone and are excellent for outdoor applications. Superior Epoxies should be used for structural anchoring and supporting systems. Superior Epoxies are the strongest glues and best adhesives to adhere two dissimilar items together (example: Granite to Steel or Marble to Wood).

Q: How do I avoid confusion as to what ratio to mix my Superior Epoxies?

A: Superior manufactures both 1:1 and 2:1 Epoxies. Superior Epoxies are shipped in matching quantities. (For example, if you need 6 quarts of 1:1, we will ship 6 Part A and 6 Part B. If you need 3 gallons of 2:1 we will ship 6 Part A and 3 Part B. The labels are clearly marked to make it even easier.

Q: Why do you make Epoxies that have two different mixing ratios?

A: We offer both 1:1 and 2:1 in an effort to satisfy the needs of our customers. For decades, fabricators were using 2:1 ratios but there were always people wishing it could be easier so we introduced the 1:1 ratio. Whether it is 1:1 or 2:1, never add more of either Part A or Part B than what is instructed.

Q: I heard from a supplier that you offer a Poly-Epoxy. What is that?

A: Superior Stone Products has perfected Poly-Epoxy. Combining our Polyester and Epoxy technology, Poly-Epoxy provides stronger bonding strength than standard Polyesters.

Q: Is Superior Poly-Epoxy mixed using a standard 2:1 ratio?

A: No, Superior Poly-Epoxy requires the use of BPO which is the same catalyst used with our Polyesters, Acrylics and GOLD. Poly-Epoxy has a 4-5 minute gel time and cures in 20-30 minutes.

Q: What is Superior GOLD? Is it a polyester, acrylic or epoxy?

A: Not an easy question to answer. GOLD is truly a unique adhesive that shares some characteristics of our acrylics. It also has the backbone of our epoxy adhesives which creates it toughness. GOLD provides the same strength and toughness of an epoxy but has a curing time of acrylics (tack-free under 20 minutes at room temperature) using standard BPO. GOLD is a great adhesive to use when running your stone through a CNC or automatic edge machines. This single adhesive can be used for seaming, laminating, rodding and repairing.

Q: Where should I use Superior GOLD?

A: Almost everywhere. With its unique chemistry, GOLD can be used with quartz surface, solid surface and natural stone. Best of all, it is UV stable so it can be used outdoors and indoors. With its toughness, it can withstand freeze/thaw conditions without cracking.

Q: Is Superior GOLD mixed using a standard 2:1 ratio?

A: No, Superior GOLD requires the use of BPO which is the same catalyst used with our Polyesters and Acrylics. GOLD has a 7-9 minute gel time and cures in less than 20 minutes.

Q: What is BPO and how is it used?

A: BPO (Benzyl Peroxide), also known as White Hardening Paste, is the catalyst added to most adhesives to make it harden. Normal usage is 2%-4% by volume. NEVER use more or less BPO than instructed. Rule of thumb: A pea size application of BPO to a golf ball size amount of adhesive.

Q: Sometimes I need extra hardener (BPO), can I purchase hardener only?

A: Yes. Superior Stone Products includes the correct amount of hardener with each shipment of adhesives. We urge you to adhere to the ratios listed on the containers when adding hardener as too much hardener will cause the adhesive to burn and become brittle which can cause bonding failures. Our adhesives are very reactive and do not require extra hardener even in cold temperatures. Our hardener is available in 1 oz. and 4 oz. tubes.

Q: Does Superior offer coloring paste for adhesives?

A: Yes, Superior Stone Products manufactures coloring paste utilizing our resin technology to stabilize the shelf life and allows it to blend better with our adhesives. We offer (1oz. tubes)(2oz. bottles)(8oz. bottles) in the following colors: Black, White, Red, Red-Brown, Green, Blue, Brown, Ochre, Buff and Gray.
***Note: always add color paste before adding the hardener***

Q: What is the average shelf life of Superior Adhesives?

A: Typically, Superior Polyesters sustain a shelf life of 3-4 years. Superior Acrylics have a shelf life of at least 1 year and Superior GOLD, Epoxies and Poly-Epoxy have a shelf life of 2-3 years. The shelf life estimates are dependent on a controlled climate. Extreme heat or cold will have a negative effect on the quality, performance and shelf life of our adhesives.